Welcome to Montrose veterinary practice, where passion meets expertise in the care of your beloved pets.

Our dedicated team comprises highly qualified professionals who are not just skilled in their respective roles but are also fuelled by a genuine love for animals.

Our veterinarians bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that your pets receive the best possible care.
Our senior nurses, with years of hands-on experience, play a crucial role in overseeing the well-being of your furry friends.
Our team of nurses, both seasoned and casual, work seamlessly to create a nurturing environment for your pets during their visit. 

Our staff highlight our commitment to providing comprehensive care, catering not only to the immediate health needs of your pets but also offering specialised services that set us apart. Rest assured, your pets are in the hands of a compassionate and highly competent team.


Mike Basset

Veterinarian & Practice Owner

Educational Achievements: 
I grew up in South Gippsland and went to High School on Phillip Island. I graduated as a vet from Melbourne University in 1992.

Interests: All types of surgery

Favourite Food: Pizza from our wood fired oven at home. A Saturday night family tradition.

Favourite Quote: “Life’s too short”

Hobbies: Walking, watching our kids play sport. I’ve owned shares in a few racehorses. Luckily one of them can run fast enough to pay for the ones that can’t.

Did you know: My father was a vet, and when I was 10 we moved to Malaysia to live while he lectured at a University near Kuala Lumpur.

Lydia Matheson


Educational Achievements:
BVSc 1996 (Melbourne)
Feline Medicine post graduate course 2003

Interests: Feline & Canine Medicine

Favourite Food: Pizza – Preferably from La Lupa

Favourite Quote: “Believe you can and you’re half way there”

Hobbies: Horse Riding – Trial Riding and Basketball

Did you know: My Husband and my sister are both vets.

Lisa Woollard


Educational Achievements: 
BVSc (Hons), BBiomedSc, BSc (Hons)

Interests:  All things feline. 

Favourite Food: Chocolate & pasta 

Favourite Quote: "Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."

Hobbies: Patting cats, cuddling cats, playing with cats

Did you know: I like cats? And I spent 10 years at university acquiring 3 degrees along the way. 

Laura Harris


Educational Achievements: 
BVSc (Hons)

Interests: Feline Medicine, Internal Medicine

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Favourite Quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream” C.S . Lewis

Hobbies: Bushwalking/Hiking.

Did you know: I once treated an elephant with a sore foot!!!

Kate Campbell


Educational Achievements: 
BVSc (2007)
BBS (1999)

Interests: Internal Medicine & Dermatology

Favourite Food: Mexican

Favourite Quote: "Pets leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always"

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, playing golf, keeping fit at the gym, hanging out with my two cats, Pippin & Sadie, and two Guinea pigs, Humphrey & Panda.

Did you know: I sing in a band called "The Ravens"!

Traci Edwards


Interests: Puppies.

Favourite Food: Chocolate.

Favourite Quote: “It is what it is”

Hobbies: Walking. Reading. Going to the beach.

Did you know: I have lived in Montrose and attended Montrose Veterinary Clinic since 1998. I have 3 children and 2 dogs.

Allison Rich

Senior Vet Nurse

Educational Achievements:
Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing
Certificate III Animal Technology
Certificate III Animal Studies

Interests: Animal Nutrition, Surgery, Cat care and behaviour

Favourite Food: Dark chocolate, gin and cheese

Favourite Quote: “To the world you might just be one person, but to an animal you might just be their whole world.”

Hobbies: Everything horses – trail riding, dressage, jumping, barrel racing, mustering, trick training. Succulents and indoor plants. Cats, cats, cats. Building Lego cars with my son.

Did you know: I have 2 horses, 4 cats, 2 Lassie dogs, 30ish birds and an Alpaca named Kerri. I also have a classic car and I’m in a car club.

Sarah Koblar

Senior Vet Nurse

Puppy School Specialist

Educational Achievements:
Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing
Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Interests: Dog behaviour and training, rabbits.

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Favourite Quote: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” Dr Seuss.

Hobbies: Dog agility, gardening, walking my dogs, reading, craft and watching my kids play sport / cheerleading.

Did you know: I was a qualified hairdresser. I share my home with 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 2 chooks and Zoe our cheeky cat

Jenna Wright

Veterinary Nurse

Educational Achievements:
Certificate IV Business Administration
Currently completing final units of Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Interests: All aspects of animal health, husbandry and nutrition.

Favourite Food: Japanese and Thai cuisine

Favourite Quote: " A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

Hobbies: Holidaying and short trips with my family.

Did you know: I started vet nursing in my late 20's after having children. I realised I wanted to work with animals after years of working in other industries I decided to follow my dreams and I haven't looked back. It's never too late to return to study! I also have 2 dogs and 1 cat at home.  

Chelsea Witnish

Veterinary Nurse

Julie McCullough

Veterinary Nurse

Educational Achievements:
Certificate IV veterinary nursing 2005
Certificate III Dog Grooming

Interests: I’m trained as a surgery, hospital, welfare, and reception nurse.

Hobbies: I treasure spending time with my adult kids and hubby, Brian. Keeping fit at the gym, walking Logan, bike riding, caravanning, and catching up with friends.

Did you know: I started vet nursing in my late 30s. It has always been a passion of mine to help animals and people in need. I have hand reared many kittens over the years including a lamb and a goat. Pets at home are Flash the one eyed white cat and Logan the mixed breed dog with his big bushy white eyebrows.

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